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Public Procurement

Our lawyers have extensive experience of advising and representing clients in relation to public procurement and PPP projects, both on the side of contracting authorities and contracting entities, as well as on the side of tenderers and candidates.  

In the area of public procurement, we provide comprehensive legal advice in preparing contract awards, contracts and contractual documentation, as well as in assessing participation conditions and criteria, and in preparing bids. We also represent clients in review procedures, requests for redress, or in opposition proceedings at the Slovak Public Procurement Office, as well as in judicial reviews of the Slovak Public Procurement Office decisions.  

We also provide our clients with services related to registration in the Public-Sector Partner Register (PSPR) or in other registers to fulfil participation conditions in public procurement procedures, as well as conclusion and performance of contracts with contracting authorities. 

Our Experience

Major foreign construction company

Legal advice to one of the largest construction companies operating in the Czech and Slovak markets, using review procedures in the preparation of opposition to the exclusion of the client as a member of the group of suppliers from public procurement in Slovakia. 

Leading legal and economic literature publisher and legal information web portal operator

Legal advice on the application of review procedures against the contracting authority’s intention to conclude a contract worth millions of euros through a direct negotiated procedure, as well as against a public procurement procedure announced in the form of a competitive dialogue. 

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Legal advice on the conclusion of a marketing contract with a Slovak contracting authority in accordance with the Public Procurement Act, as well as on the possibility of concluding the contract through a direct negotiated procedure. 

Central government body in the field of transportation

Legal advice on the process and setting of the selection criteria for the operator (concessionaire) of an intermodal transport terminal – railway infrastructure in Slovakia.