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Medical & Pharmaceutical Law

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising pharma companies and healthcare providers, as well as in representing patients in cases where lege artis healthcare was not provided.  

In the field of medical law, we provide comprehensive legal advice to healthcare providers to align their activities with legislation, particularly in relation to obtaining informed consent, proper health records management, personal data protection, biomedical research, and reimbursements for healthcare provision in relation to patients and health insurance companies.  

We also represent healthcare providers as well as patients and their relatives in court proceedings and extrajudicial negotiations for compensation for material and non-material damage in cases of non-provision of lege artis healthcare. 

In the field of pharmacy, we provide comprehensive legal advice to manufacturers and distributors of medicinal products and medical devices, drug research and development companies as well as pharmacies in clinical trials, registrations, pricing and other regulations, advertising and other aspects affecting their businesses.   

Our Experience

Several healthcare providers

Legal advice to and representation of healthcare providers (in the field of gynecology, traumatology, and cardiology) in cases of alleged non-provision of lege artis healthcare. 

Group of patients

Representation of patients in claims seeking compensation for material and non-material damage from healthcare providers in cases of non-provision of lege artis healthcare. 

International wholesale distributor of medicinal products and medical devices

Legal advice in relation to setting, preparing, negotiating and concluding distribution contracts with manufacturers of medicinal products and medical devices as well as distribution contracts with pharmacies.

Multinational food chain

Legal advice on obtaining licenses for the provision of pharmaceutical service in public pharmacies.

Slovak generic medicinal product manufacturer

Legal advice involving representation in a dispute on the provision of proper supplies of active substances (APIs) necessary for the manufacture of medicinal products.