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Media Law & Protection of Personality

Media law and protection of personality is one of the most important areas of USGB’s specialization. Thanks to the substantial experience of our lawyers, we provide comprehensive legal services to periodicals publishers, electronic media operators, television broadcasters and other media and advertisement entities, both in terms of contract law and public regulation.  

We also represent individuals and legal persons whose personal rights, good character or reputation were affected by unauthorized interference. We assert clients’ claims in accordance with the Press Act, the Broadcasting and Retransmission Act, the Advertising Act, the Code of Ethics of Advertising Practice, and, last but not least, under civil and commercial law provisions. 

Our Experience

Major commercial television broadcaster

Comprehensive legal advice on setting the conditions for providing TV program service broadcast content services by the retransmission operator, and drafting tailored form retransmission contracts, licensing agreements and general terms and conditions relating to the retransmission of television broadcasting and the provision of on-demand audiovisual media services. 

International alcoholic beverage producer

Legal advice to and representation of the client against its competitor in lodging a complaint to the Advertising Standards Council in connection with breaching the Advertising Act and the Code of Ethics of Advertising Practice in the deceptive labelling and advertising of alcoholic beverages. 

Major newspaper publisher

Legal advice and representation in court proceedings in the matter of personality protection and financial compensation for non-material damage against a foreign celebrity singer, including apology in print and electronic media. 

Private clients

Legal advice to and representation of surviving family members in out-of-court negotiations and in court proceedings to protect personality, to compensate for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage against a person accused of murder, as well as against the two most visited electronic media in connection with the publication of a brutal video capturing committing a murder. 

Private clients

Legal advice to and representation of clients against an airline company, as well as against foreign multinational insurance companies representing the airline company in out-of-court negotiations and court proceedings to protect personality, to financially compensate for non-pecuniary damage and to compensate for alimony, for damage and for the death of a close relative caused by a helicopter crash.